Gastronomy on the Ile de Ré

The local gastronomy

The Île de Ré never ceases to surprise and delight visitors with its delicious gastronomy. Here are some local specialities and products that you absolutely must try during your camping holidy on the island.

Make your holiday a gastronomic one

To get you in the mood, start with a stroll around the island’s markets to look, taste or fill your basket with good, fresh, seasonal products – for example, the island’s famous new potatoes, the Mara des Bois strawberry or the Charentais melon, all of which add colour and fragrance to the stalls.

Do you like ocean flavours?

It’s hard not to fall in love with the local oysters! Recommended to be savoured in an oyster farmer’s hut in the marshes, on a terrace overlooking the sea, in Saint-Martin-de-Ré or La Couarde-sur-Mer. You can also enjoy a fish soup called “La Rétaise”, a shellfish soup or “éclade de moules” (mussels cooked in a mound of pine needles on a wood fire) …

And if you are looking for new flavours: caramel with fleur de sel, samphire, goat’s cheese, jams, honey and biscuits are all local specialities you can take home with you. And let’s not forget the island’s wines, synonymous with holidays, conviviality and tourism, the island has some great Pineau and Cognac tastings in store for you, to be enjoyed chilled without ice, but in moderation!